Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Tron: Legacy -Pitcell Event Toronto-

First off i have to say i was expecting more!! Above is my ticket and the t-shirt. My code and name obscured just in case its still needed for something else.. But i highly doubt it after a day or so of people bitchin.. the twitter and face book Group for FLYNN LIVES is gone.. With the amazing job done on the pages and the July event of last year this turned out to be a real disappointment.. There was no Q and A .. No posters or other goodies.. just a 2min Trailer then kicked out... Ive even put a u.v. light over the shirt to look for codes.. Nothing!!! This was a disaster and i hope they will fix it!! They have the opportunity to turn this thing so Viral that i could be one of the biggest films of the year just from hype!! I guess we will have to wait and see......

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