Wednesday, September 8, 2010


Today i found my long lost copy of "I WALK THE LINE" the Johnny Cash Bio pic.. Seems it was sitting in a pile of Data disks for the past couple of years.. Being some time since i watched it.. I decided to pop it in.. Halfway through the movie i started to think about my running in with the genius on the streets of Hamilton Ontario..

I was just a teenager and couldn't care less about his music at the time.. All i knew about him When ever he came on TV when i was a kid my dad would walk over to the TV turn up the volume and say "That's the man in black!"

My memory is Foggy on it all, But this is what i remember.. I was walking towards Jackson Square on main street and there was this crowd probably less than ten people near the corner .. I walked by with a buddy (who i can,t remember) And said out loud "HEY ITS JOHNNY CASH!! HOW YOU DOING!!" He stopped talking to the people, Got eye contact with me and the crowd parted as his hand reached out to shake mine And said "HEY! nice to meet you." Briefly we shook hands and i Continue on walking with my buddy..

Later that night on the news they were talking about the "Loonie" dollar coin being introduced the next day and they were showing it to people and asking them what they thought about it.. One of the People they asked was Johnny Cash.. He told a Story of a coin called something.. From way back in so and so... and that was it.. My brief in counter with some one i would grow to admire...

Did it happen?? Has my memory played tricks on me?? Is it a weird dream i had that i think is a memory?? It was so long ago.. When did it happen?? I went on to investigate...

First i looked up the Loonie Canadian dollar on wikipedia . Here it states the "Loonie" Dollar coin was introduced on June 30, 1987 ... (Summer before high school.. Beginning of my skate punk era.) OK i have a date to work around.. So what now... I found and searched there tour dates.. He was in Hamilton on 1987-06-28 at Hamilton Place and was in Owen Sound at the Bayshore center on 1987-06-30 This means i Met Johnny Cash on The 29th of June! The day after his show and the day before we got our new dollar.. I was 15 years old.

I remember what struck me was he was so casual!! Just like one of us common folks and so friendly..Little did i realize at the time but the days of thrash metal and punk and skateboards would eventually mature.. Ten years later i bought my first Johnny Cash compilation.. and played it to death ... It helped my through the heart ache of a major break up!! It helped me in times of woe .. It made the loneliness go away..

In 2003 on the day he passed away i was at my mothers house with my daughters.. As we sat down for a family dinner, The TV was playing a music video tribute to Johnny Cash.. I got up from my chair turned to my daughters and said "That's the man in black!!" And turned up the Volume....

Friday, September 3, 2010


Well the Summer started with the arrival of a postcard with Some black light code on the back. Combining all the codes from all the cards lead to WWW.ENCOMGAMES.JP Where we got to play 32 levels of Circuit Cycles. Finishing all 32 levels Got you all the postcards and a badge .. this one was animated and lead you to a counter at

After the counter expired there was a small task to compete to reveal the next trailer.. There also was a Twitter account link. The twitter account gave instructions for the SDCC Flynn's Arcade event Meet up.. if you were one of the lucky ones you got a swag package with Arcade tokens 2 wrist bands a identity disk with a thumb drive holding the new trailer... There were also coasters at the event to be had!!

Above is a Wrist band i got in a raffle on the uNFiction forums.. Ive used the code!! Now i gotta get those arcade tokens....

Monday, July 19, 2010

More creative MADNESS (with the kiddies)

The kids brought up this dollar store plaster mold kit that was kinda boring, So i figured i,d go all out and do some real plaster sculpture work.. Made a armature out of coat hanger and nailed it to the board!! Then i let them go nuts first with covering it with duck tape and masking tape to flesh it out.. Then adding plaster bandages then adding pure plaster.. They had a blast... You can see the end result!! More pics once its dried!!

Fisher Price Vintage little people Custom Zombie

On Saturday after Waiting days For my kids to show up From being up north.. I headed Over To Value village To find some Vintage Finds.. Besides a couple of vintage 70,s Truck and a couple of Kodak Brownies, i found a bag of little people... Two fire men and one post man .. (there was also a Playmobile fig) The one fireman was in bad shape!! He was sun faded and his face was almost gone and his helmet was chewed to hell!! I decided he was useless to display.. so i decided to turn him into a Zombie!! check it out!!

Thursday, May 13, 2010


Sorry if the pic's are Not the greatest.. Camera is dieing!! Any ways Mail Came through the door today... Bill, Bill, FLYNN LIVES!!!! I WAS NOT EXPECTING THIS!!! Opened it up to find two thank you notes (SEE PIC ABOVE) Two Stickers of SAM'S 89 LOGO and a little Envelope With FLYNN LIVES stamped on it .. opened it to find two metal pins.. ONE For SPACE PARANOIDS and one of SAM FLYNN'S 89 LOGO...

Friday, March 26, 2010

Encom badge has Arrived!! FLYNN LIVES...

My Tron Legacy ARG Encom badge has arrived. The Qr-code Takes me to the ENCOM EMPLOYEE INTRANET Where i log on with my employee number and password from Here i can read a bunch of e-mail and get my badge on FLYNN LIVES for infiltrating Encom.. More clues More Clues.. Flynn Lives has been updated today with several Posts in the Discussion board... one leads to THIS on where you can put in Encom employee names and get there logons to hack into there Intranet accounts.. This is all fictional and a game but i love it!! So much going on Alan Bradley Press Conference coming up soon at wonder con... this is crazy.. Can just imagine were this is all going to end up DEC 17 when Tron legacy hits theaters

Tuesday, March 2, 2010


Oreo has been a part of our home for the past year... This past Saturday we noticed that she had not emerged from her little house. After some coaxing she came out but she was not her self .. she was really wobbly and was having trouble getting around... Over the past three day Ive watched her go down hill .. she stopped eating Monday and today could hardly lift her head to drink from the bottle .. As it Stand right now at 10:30 pm on Tuesday night , she is lying still hardly breathing and unable to move.. i believe She will pass on by morning......

[UPDATE] I got up at 5 a.m. the next day and Oreo had passed on.. Now the hard part telling my Kids.. :( We will miss you Oreo!!

Here is Oreo in Her Prime... Being the Crazy Hamster She was!! Me and the Girls will miss You OREO..

Our Snow Man thingy...

Friday night i finally got to have some snow fun with the little one.. Our "SNOW GHOST" as Haley called lasted about half a day till it warmed up and turned to mush!! The Day light pics were taken the following day around 2 o'clock it was gone by 5 when we came home...

Tron: Legacy -Pitcell Event Toronto-

First off i have to say i was expecting more!! Above is my ticket and the t-shirt. My code and name obscured just in case its still needed for something else.. But i highly doubt it after a day or so of people bitchin.. the twitter and face book Group for FLYNN LIVES is gone.. With the amazing job done on the pages and the July event of last year this turned out to be a real disappointment.. There was no Q and A .. No posters or other goodies.. just a 2min Trailer then kicked out... Ive even put a u.v. light over the shirt to look for codes.. Nothing!!! This was a disaster and i hope they will fix it!! They have the opportunity to turn this thing so Viral that i could be one of the biggest films of the year just from hype!! I guess we will have to wait and see......

Monday, February 22, 2010

Space 1999 - Doctor Who Waters of Mars SPOOF

When you have a Great idea and don,t have the means to make them materialize You Contract out !! My Copy of Sony Vegas keeps crashing due to Vista rot. So impressed by Kelvingtons vids on youtube and Having this idea floating around for some time... I put out the challenge to him.. He came back by the end of the day with this.. The challenge was DO the Space:1999 opening credits but with "Waters of mars" footage and call it MARS:2059.. check it out!

Thanks Kelvington For giveing me Credit for the idea and Doing a Fantastic job!!

And For those who want to compare here are the original credits for Space:1999