Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Movie Review - "Linda , Linda , Linda" Japanese 114 min

"Linda Linda" is a song by Japanese punk legends the blue hearts.
You can't go into a karaoke bar in japan with out hearing somebody belting out "Linda Linda" to this day. The song is legendary even popping up in Nintendo games i hear!!

The Movie "Linda Linda Linda is about three girls that are trying to get a band together for the end year school festival. They have one problem they need a singer!! They decide to pick the first person they see walk by. That happens to be Korean exchange student Son played by Doo-na-bae (sympathy for Mr vengeance , tube) Great they have a singer now but her Japanese is terrible.

The band struggle and races against time to get ready and learn the songs there going to play. Various issues crop up threaten in to stop the whole thing from happening but they persevere
for the good of the band and blow away every one at the rock festival..

Cute little teenie movie with that "school of rock" kinda feel to it. Available on DVD via VIZ pictures and Shojo beat. I give it 3-1/2 of of 5 GOLDEN DRAGONS


Monday, December 29, 2008


This is the hall of fame project for me. I found the base off of something called "VOICE BOT" and added a circuit board from a remote controlled car that had lights. Then i got stumped... I could not figure out what to add next?? I needed something on top of that base!
So i asked my three year old daughter and she said "A BABY DOLL!!" Eureka! THAT'S IT!! the next day i ran to value village in search of something suitable!! Found some cheerleader doll thing , Brought it home , Cracked it open and found that it had a perfectly enclosed gear box. I removed it, Wired it up , Replaced the head with a small dollar store one and placed the switch and circuit board in a Altoids container. CYBER BABY WAS BORN!!! A couple of years later. i over heard my daughter have one of those "my dad can beat up your dad" conversations with her Friend. I can't remember how it went but it ended with "YEAH... WELL MY DAD BUILT A ROBOT!!!" I was so proud at that moment!!
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SWEET REVENGE (More toy Art)

SWEET REVENGE was created one night after being involved in a robbery. Feeling angry and frustrated (and wanting to go do the guy with a screw driver) I vented my frustration over 4 hours and made this. One eye is a ultra-brite red LED and the other is actually a LASER. He has a retro "flick" on switch and power light and the front end of a DODGE MAGNUM. With dual tank treads and a 9.6v Ni-Cad , this baby has lots of Torque!! Keep Rollin Rollin Rollin Rollin!
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BRICK_VISION 1.0 (Toy Art)

This is my main tool for most of my films and animations right now! Its a modified children's video karaoke machine gutted and slightly rewired placed in a Lego shell. it has a drop down lens for close ups and the tripod lets me lock in any angle i want! i used a CPU fan extension cord to give more distance between the main board and the photo cell. its currently patched in to my 3 dollar capture card and can double as a web cam. A budget project that doubles as Functionable art!
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