Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Movie Review - "Linda , Linda , Linda" Japanese 114 min

"Linda Linda" is a song by Japanese punk legends the blue hearts.
You can't go into a karaoke bar in japan with out hearing somebody belting out "Linda Linda" to this day. The song is legendary even popping up in Nintendo games i hear!!

The Movie "Linda Linda Linda is about three girls that are trying to get a band together for the end year school festival. They have one problem they need a singer!! They decide to pick the first person they see walk by. That happens to be Korean exchange student Son played by Doo-na-bae (sympathy for Mr vengeance , tube) Great they have a singer now but her Japanese is terrible.

The band struggle and races against time to get ready and learn the songs there going to play. Various issues crop up threaten in to stop the whole thing from happening but they persevere
for the good of the band and blow away every one at the rock festival..

Cute little teenie movie with that "school of rock" kinda feel to it. Available on DVD via VIZ pictures and Shojo beat. I give it 3-1/2 of of 5 GOLDEN DRAGONS


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