Monday, December 29, 2008


This is the hall of fame project for me. I found the base off of something called "VOICE BOT" and added a circuit board from a remote controlled car that had lights. Then i got stumped... I could not figure out what to add next?? I needed something on top of that base!
So i asked my three year old daughter and she said "A BABY DOLL!!" Eureka! THAT'S IT!! the next day i ran to value village in search of something suitable!! Found some cheerleader doll thing , Brought it home , Cracked it open and found that it had a perfectly enclosed gear box. I removed it, Wired it up , Replaced the head with a small dollar store one and placed the switch and circuit board in a Altoids container. CYBER BABY WAS BORN!!! A couple of years later. i over heard my daughter have one of those "my dad can beat up your dad" conversations with her Friend. I can't remember how it went but it ended with "YEAH... WELL MY DAD BUILT A ROBOT!!!" I was so proud at that moment!!
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