Monday, July 19, 2010

More creative MADNESS (with the kiddies)

The kids brought up this dollar store plaster mold kit that was kinda boring, So i figured i,d go all out and do some real plaster sculpture work.. Made a armature out of coat hanger and nailed it to the board!! Then i let them go nuts first with covering it with duck tape and masking tape to flesh it out.. Then adding plaster bandages then adding pure plaster.. They had a blast... You can see the end result!! More pics once its dried!!

Fisher Price Vintage little people Custom Zombie

On Saturday after Waiting days For my kids to show up From being up north.. I headed Over To Value village To find some Vintage Finds.. Besides a couple of vintage 70,s Truck and a couple of Kodak Brownies, i found a bag of little people... Two fire men and one post man .. (there was also a Playmobile fig) The one fireman was in bad shape!! He was sun faded and his face was almost gone and his helmet was chewed to hell!! I decided he was useless to display.. so i decided to turn him into a Zombie!! check it out!!