Friday, March 26, 2010

Encom badge has Arrived!! FLYNN LIVES...

My Tron Legacy ARG Encom badge has arrived. The Qr-code Takes me to the ENCOM EMPLOYEE INTRANET Where i log on with my employee number and password from Here i can read a bunch of e-mail and get my badge on FLYNN LIVES for infiltrating Encom.. More clues More Clues.. Flynn Lives has been updated today with several Posts in the Discussion board... one leads to THIS on where you can put in Encom employee names and get there logons to hack into there Intranet accounts.. This is all fictional and a game but i love it!! So much going on Alan Bradley Press Conference coming up soon at wonder con... this is crazy.. Can just imagine were this is all going to end up DEC 17 when Tron legacy hits theaters

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