Monday, January 5, 2009


Twenty six year old Matt Smith has been chosen to play the eleventh incarnation of Doctor who. The announcement was made this past weekend on a special edition of Doctor Who confidential.
Matt Smith will be the youngest actor to portray the 903 year old Timelord.  He will be taking over from David Tennat in 2010 for series five! Not much is known about the young actor but has shared screen time with Billie Piper of Doctor Who fame...

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  1. they saw dollar signs in their eyes when the girls who weren't whovians fell in love with tennant as a heart throb.. so now he is even younger geez it'll be like watching young indiana jones. bleck. he'll be canceled soooo quick. or at least as quick as the little girls will allow. too bad tennant didn't want to stay on for the next decade or so. sigh.